Agape Kittyfox

Photo of our human form in December 2017
Portrait of our natural form
Portrait drawn by Seth at Red Quadrant

New updates coming soon:
* Additional material and edits to the DOLS pages.
* Updated system summary.

This is not a professionally maintained site, so it's possible that I've broken some links in the updates. Eventually I'll get around to fixing stuff.

Shameless Self Promotion

A brief summary of Agape
Who we are, as of July 2017
A few more photos of our human form
A few words about our gender

Some Random Thoughts and Writings

Introduction to the Divine Order of the Loving Serpent

The First Pillar: Love & Pleasure
The Second Pillar: Knowledge & Wisdom (coming soon)
The Third Pillar: Divinity (coming soon)
The Fourth Pillar: Self Determination (coming soon)


You may find some of the content of this site may be offensive, but they are based on my experiences, and I have little patience for those who have never met me, and yet think they know me better than I know myself.
Some of the content will be presented angrily, as there is plenty to make me angry in this world, and I will not be tone-policed about it on my own site.
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